Fail Safe Cell Therapy


A radiolabeled antibody targeting CD123(+) leukemia stem cells – initial radioimmunotherapy studies in NOD/SCID mice engrafted with primary human AML.

Jeffrey V Leyton, Catherine Gao, Brent Williams, Armand Keating, Mark Minden, Raymond M Reilly
Leuk Res Rep 2015 18;4(2):55-9. Epub 2015 Sep 18.

Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) with anti-CD123 monoclonal antibody CSL360 modified with nuclear translocation sequence (NLS) peptides and labeled with the Auger electron-emitter, (111)In ((111)In-NLS-CSL360) was studied in the prevalent NOD/SCID mouse AML engraftment assay. Significant decreases in CD123(+) leukemic cells and impairment of leukemic stem cell self-renewal were achieved with high doses of RIT….


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