Fail Safe Cell Therapy


Our Mission

panCELLa aims to provide “FailSafe Cell Therapy” for the treatment of degenerative and malignant diseases. panCELLa pursues collaborative partnerships and alliances in the pharmacological and biotechnology sectors to generate safe therapeutic cell therapies for all.

Our Vision

To promote safe cell therapies as a standard of care

Our Purpose

panCELLa seeks to provide absolute control of deregulated cell proliferation. panCELLa’s innovative technology is based on creating a tight link between a drug inducible suicide gene and a gene essential to cell division. This mechanism enables dividing, potentially malignant cells to be eliminated at will before or after transplantation into patients.

Our History

Incorporated in August 2015, panCELLa was founded by Dr. Andras Nagy and Dr. Armand Keating based on Dr. Nagy’s ground-breaking work in the area of stem cell research.

Through panCELLa, Dr. Keating and Dr. Nagy are seeking to create an effective cell therapy derived from stem cells, which are modified to provide a very high level of safety before and after the cells are introduced to the patient.

panCELLa partners with companies developing cell therapies from embryonic (ES)and induced pluripotent (iPS) cells. With these therapeutic applications come critical and important challenges – uncontrolled proliferation and genetic mutations — that pose safety risks to patients. panCELLa offers a technological solution to these challenges.

panCELLa, with its proprietary FailSafe Cells, has the capability to define, quantify and decrease the risk of cell therapy to an absolutely negligible level, accelerating cell therapies to patients. It is panCELLa’s objective to create universal, cost-effective, “off the shelf” safe therapeutic cell products and to assist the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors in creating their own FailSafe Cell lines.

A tremendous outcome from #Budget2019: $18M over three years for us to continue to work with the community to build clinical and commercial capacity across the nation! #cdnpoli #cdnsci

induced Allogeneic Cell Tolerance (iACT #StealthCells ) offers adaptive immune response (MHC), innate immune response, demonstrated long-term tolerance & does not require multiple gene editing

Our superior safety switch #FailSafeCells and our induced Allogeneic Cell Tolerance #StealthCells offer the highest level of safety for #celltherapies

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“Man is the only creature that dares to light a fire and live with it.
The reason?
he alone has learned to put it out.”

~Henry Jackson Vandyke, Jr.