Dr. Nagy presents FailSafe & iACT Stealth Cells at COA2018 & WPC2018

panCELLa’s President and CSO, Dr. Andras Nagy attended the COA 2018 in Xiamen, China. Dr. Nagy gave a talk on FailSafe and iACT Stealth Cells at The 13th Annual Congress of Chinese Orthopedic Association 2018.

Following his talk at CAO 2018, Dr. Nagy further attended CHI’s 3rd Annual Preclinical Congress in Lisbon. Dr. Nagy spoke on “Engineered Fail-Safe and Allo-Tolerated 3D Tissue for in situ Drug Manufacturing and Delivery to Treat Disease” as part of the 3D Cellular Models Track, Dr. Nagy spoke of how FailSafe and iACT Stealth Cells (safety and long-term allograft tolerance without immune suppression) allow for the generation of stable allogeneic 3D tissues which could be a source of secreted biologics to treat diseases.