Fail Safe Cell Therapy


Mesenchymal stromal cell therapy to promote cardiac tissue regeneration and repair

Agata Bartczak, Ian McGilvray, Armand Keating
Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation: February 2017 – Volume 22 – Issue 1 – p 86–96; doi: 10.1097/MOT.0000000000000379; Special Commentary

During this period, reports published on MSCs address the best MSC tissue source for cellular therapy, mechanisms of MSC activity and improving MSC longevity, and homing in vivo. Currently, there is no definitive therapeutic advantage of any one tissue-derived MSC over another, and even combination therapies struggle with conflicting outcomes. MSC activity, persistence in vivo, or homing can be improved by priming strategies, genetic modification, or biomaterials. Despite numerous studies showing improvement in heart function after acute cardiac injury, the reproducibility and efficacy of the therapy remains elusive and falls short of expectations in clinical trials…


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