panCELLa is pleased to announce that it has extended an exclusive license to Astellas for its proprietary cell technology addressing long-term allogeneic cell tolerance without the need for immune suppression of patients. In addition to the license, the agreement includes a research collaboration plan to test and enhance the utility and application of panCELLa’s immuno-cloaking technology otherwise known as Stealth CellsTM.

panCELLa holds the exclusive commercial rights to the immuno-cloaking and FailSafeTM technologies that were developed at Dr. Andras Nagy’s lab. When combined the Stealth CellsTM and FailSafeTM platforms provide a safe universal cell line that provides long-term utility for multiple therapeutic indications without the need for immune suppressants.

Since Stealth CellsTM hide therapeutic cells from the immune system it is not necessary to have a cell therapy that is derived from the patient’s own stem cells.  Stem Cells from any one person can be used and as such treatment is timely and very cost effective.

panCELLa will work with the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) and other contract research organizations (CROs) to develop its own therapeutic programs independent of Astellas in the field of diabetes, immune therapy and mesenchymal cell therapy and develop novel uses of the Stealth CellsTM in non-regenerative medicine applications

panCELLa’s Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Andras Nagy stated:  “I am eager to begin work with Astellas, a highly respected world leader in the field of regenerative medicine.  Our past work with Astellas has shown their commitment to and leadership in the regenerative medicine field. This new agreement deepens our relationship and will allow panCELLa to expand our platforms and advance our own therapeutic programs.  We value our relationship with Astellas and look forward to the growth and success we will achieve together.”

Dr. Keating the co-founder of PanCELLa stated “Astellas’ recognition of our expertise and strength of our cloaking platform is a strong endorsement of our technology. We look forward to a productive relationship.”

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed

About panCELLa

Founded in 2015, panCELLa is a privately-held early-stage biotechnology firm based on the innovative technology developed in Dr. Andras Nagy’s lab at the Sinai Health System (SHS). panCELLa has created platforms that allow for the development of safe, universal, cost-effective, “off-the-shelf” cell lines.  panCELLa’s mandate is to accelerate cell-based therapies to a broad range of diseases by providing safe therapeutic cell products. panCELLa has secured partnerships with several biotechnology partners to enhance its patent position and provide expanded access to its exclusive FailSafeTM and Stealth CellsTM and its in-licensed  SAFE harbor technology.  panCELLa aims to develop therapeutic products in the immunology, mesenchymal stem cell and pancreatic islet space and to partner with other companies to develop novel products in other areas of regenerative medicine. panCELLa continues its internal R&D efforts to develop additional novel uses of its platform technologies in areas such as bio-production, cancer vaccination and tolerization.  To learn more about panCELLa’s FailSafeTM and induced Allogeneic Cell Tolerance, please visit