panCELLa Inc. Announces Issuance of European Patent for Tools and Methods for Using Cell Division Loci to Control Proliferation of Cells

panCELLa, a privately held biotechnology company focused on developing safe therapeutic cell products for a broad range of diseases, is pleased to announce the first issuance of the FailSafeTM patent in Europe.  This patent issued to the Sinai Health System (SHS) protects the exclusive panCELLa technology known as FailSafeTM.  FailSafeTM is a superior safety switch compared to other suicide systems as it will not become “lost” or “shut down” during a “mutation” or if the therapeutic cells become deregulated or “go rogue”.  FailSafeTM can be controlled both prior to or after transplantation in a patient.  As well, it is the only quantifiable safety switch on the market allowing patients and clinicians to make an informed decision regarding the risk of a cell therapy going awry.

FailSafeTM is a valuable therapeutic platform technology that may be applied in numerous indications. Currently, panCELLa is developing therapeutic products through our subsidiaries – Ankarys Therapeutics and Implant Therapeutics – in the areas of immunology, mesenchymal stem cell and pancreatic islets while we continue to seek collaborative and strategic partnerships to develop and monetize additional applications in the area of regenerative medicine.

panCELLa currently has  52 issued or pending patents and has in-licensed the rights to a further 67 issued or pending patents.

About panCELLa

Founded in 2015, panCELLa is a privately-held early-stage biotechnology firm based on the innovative technology developed in Dr. Andras Nagy’s lab at the Sinai Health System (SHS). panCELLa has created platforms  that allow for the development of safe, universal, “off-the-shelf” cell lines.  To learn more, visit

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