panCELLa Inc. raises $1M in seed funding

With the support of Chiefswood, panCELLa brings our exclusive FailSafe System to the market.  panCELLa offers a solution to the safety risks generally associated with cell therapies.  The exclusive “FailSafe Cell System”  ensures the safety of a cell therapy is irrefutable and measurable.  The “FailSafe System” does not impede the therapeutic properties of cell treatments:  pluripotent stem cells are still capable of differentiation in a multitude of potential therapeutic cell types. With panCELLa’s exclusive FailSafe System, companies developing cell therapies will be able to assure regulators, practitioners, and patients – with certainty – that their therapy provides the ultimate level of safety and control in the treatment of neurological, oncological, age-related or other degenerative diseases.

For further information on panCELLa’s FailSafe System and this initial investment, please read: