Our Values

panCELLa accelerates the use of cell based therapy by designing and creating cells with unbreakable safety switches.

Our technology provides a precise definition of safety.  panCELLa offers the only safety platforms that are able to quantify the safety level of a prospective cell therapy.

It is our mission to make our technology as widely available as possible and to move cell therapies to broad clinical application by mitigating the risk of cell therapy with universal safety platforms.

If you are interested in learning more about our technology.  Please complete the attached non-disclosure agreement panCELLaMUTUAL_NDA_HIGHLIGHTED and submit via email

FailSafe Cells

Not only does panCELLa’s technology remove the risks associated with cell therapies, we also remove the risk of licensing in “untested” technology with our Research Evaluation Agreements (REAs).

panCELLa’s REA offers our Partners a “Try Before you Buy” option.

The REA offers the opportunity to test panCELLa technology while only paying a small upfront fee creditable towards a final license

The REA Process

Partner with us

PanCELLa seeks alliances that advance safe cell therapies. Contact us to learn how to make your cell therapy FailSafe.