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panCELLA receives research and development support for cell therapy

panCELLa is pleased to announce that it will receive advisory services and up to $400,000 from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to help further research and development of its technology platforms for cell therapy.

Support from NRC IRAP will go toward the research and development of a two-step safety switch known as panKiller. While  panCELLa’s safety switch, known as FailSafeTM, is specifically designed to eliminate only “rogue” or deregulated therapeutic cells, the panKiller system further enhances this platform and provides a means to remove a graft entirely once it has fulfilled its therapeutic purpose.  When the therapeutic cells are no longer required, and to avoid serious adverse events, for further safety measures they would be eliminated using panKiller.  The panKiller strategy is an effective solution that addresses serious limitations of current cell therapies which involve removal of these therapeutic cells through irradiation.  panKiller will enable more prolonged, effective treatment in vivo; and will destroy the therapeutic cells at the appropriate time without the use of radiation to prevent the possibility of a malignancy.

About panCELLa

Founded in 2015, panCELLa is a privately-held early-stage biotechnology firm based on the innovative technology developed in Dr. Andras Nagy’s lab at the Sinai Health System (SHS). panCELLa has created platforms  that allow for the development of safe, universal, cost-effective, “off-the-shelf” cell lines.  panCELLa’s mandate is to accelerate cell-based therapies to a broad range of diseases by providing safe therapeutic cell products. panCELLa has  secured partnerships with several  biotechnology partners to enhance its patent position and provide expanded access to its exclusive FailSafeTM and Stealth CellsTM and its  in-licensed  SAFE harbor technology.  panCELLa aims to develop therapeutic products in the immunology, mesenchymal stem cell and pancreatic islet space and to partner with other companies to develop novel products in other areas of regenerative medicine. panCELLa continues its internal R&D efforts to develop additional novel uses of its platform technologies in areas such as bio-production, cancer vaccination and tolerization.  To learn more about panCELLa’s FailSafeTM and induced Allogeneic Cell Tolerance, please visit

For further information, please contact Lisa Schummer:  or 1-888-613-6862


Cartherics and panCELLa announce collaborative agreement to develop pluripotent cell lines for cell therapy

Cartherics Pty Ltd (“Cartherics”) and panCELLa Inc. (“panCELLa”) are pleased to announce their collaboration to research, develop and commercialize products for the treatment of cancer and other debilitating diseases using cell therapy.  panCELLa will integrate their exclusive FailSafeTM technology into Cartherics’ proprietary homozygous HLA haplotype cells to bring the power of safe cell therapy to… Continue Reading

How the Tasmanian devil inspired Stealth Cells and the Creation of FailSafe

A recent article from the Medicine by Design highlights two technologies or platforms stemming from Dr. Nagy’s lab at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute at the Sinai Health System.  In addition to being a senior investigator at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and a professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology and the Institute of Medical Science… Continue Reading

panCELLa’s Exclusive FailSafe Cells Improve Cell Therapy Safety

panCELLa is proud to announce the publication of “Linking a cell division and a suicide gene to define and improve cell therapy safety”  in the November 21st  2018 issue of Nature. Available online, you may view the paper by visiting the Nature website. Cell therapies hold enormous promise of new treatment and cures for many currently… Continue Reading