Fail Safe Cell Therapy


The advent of human embryonic stem (ES) cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells had a paradigm-shifting effect on regenerative medicine

a powerful new treatment against diseases underlined by cell loss, tissue degeneration and aging.
With these applications came critical and important challenges:

uncontrolled proliferation and genetic mutations
in therapeutic cells that pose safety risks to patients.
panCELLa has developed a solution to these challenges.

Quantifying & Mitigating the Risk

Engineering cells to give us total control over their fate:

The solution to safe cell therapies

The FailSafe Cell System

FailSafe Cells use cell division loci to control cell proliferation (Continue Reading)

panCELLa technology allows one to provide a precise definition of safety and to quantify the safety level of a prospective cell therapy. The integration of the FailSafe Cell System in cell therapies will be critical for regulators, clinicians and patients to make informed decisions.   To make your cell therapy a FailSafe Cell Therapy, contact panCELLa today

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